Tesla Refunds Almost A Quarter Of Its Model 3 Reservation Deposits In The U.S

It was two years ago that Teslaannounced it would be accepting $1,000 deposits for its new, lower-priced Model 3 electric car. The business guru expected customers would start receiving their vehicles in the course of 2018. So far, a significant number of customers have already reserved one.

Recent developments

There is a section of customers in great discomfort. This group in several instances has launched complaints saying that the extended production delays weren’t working quite well for them. They have been pushing the company to give them back their money.

As of the end of April, Tesla managed to refund some 23% of all Model 3 deposits in the U.S.

A lot of people have been making wild guesses over time. They have been making statements pointing to the fact that the cancellations were really bad for the company. However, that isn’t necessarily the case considering the production rate of the business giant at the moment. In the previous quarter it delivered about 8,180 Model 3s.

The spokesperson of Tesla disclosed that after comparing the Second Measure’s data with their internal data they discovered that the two did not align. He couldn’t be reached for further comments.

Arguments surrounding the matter

A configuration fee of about $2,500 was paid to about 8% of Model 3 customers as of April 2018. The payment of a configuration fee to some might be seen as a deliberate choice by a given customer to go for the more expensive Tesla model, like the X or S.

Elon Musk while addressing several journalists outlined that his company has been doing all within its means to “anti-sell” the Model 3 in an effort to get more persons to purchase the more expensive models.

It was in Tesla’s latest earnings release that it cast blame on the delays in production on the availability of certain planned options, especially the smaller battery pack and the dual motor AWD.

An official working with Tesla said that challenges are part and parcel of any progressive business undertaking and that they won’t be swayed. It was in the previous year that hurricanes hit the power grid in Puerto Rico. Tesla channeled its efforts and resources to the rebuilding of the power grid. Musk believes in facing challenges heads on and also celebrating achievements as they occur.

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