Tesla Delays Debut of Semi-Truck Again

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk said on Friday that he pushed back his unveiling of the semi-truck of the electric car maker until the middle of November. He tweeted that the maker of electric vehicles was moving resources to correct the production problems it is suffering with its new sedan the Model 3 and to help in Puerto Rico.

Musk said that the Model 3 was in production hell. The Model 3 may help Tesla approach a goal of becoming a mainstream car maker. Recent comments however, tempered expectations over the speed of a production increase.

The comments by Musk came after Friday’s close of the stock markets. Shares of the company were down by 0.8% in afterhours training.

The electric car maker delivered only 220 of its new Model 3 cars and produced just 260 during the third quarter, and had planned to produce over 1,500.

Musk tweeted as well that the company would divert resources to increase the production of batteries to help hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, where the majority of the Caribbean island’s residents remain with no electricity.

Earlier in the week, Tesla said that production bottlenecks left it behind its plan of ramping up production for its Model 3.

Musk, when responding to a customer at Tesla asking the CEO if he would have his car during 2017, said December will be a huge month, so the answer is probably, but he could not be certain at this point.

A report during the week said that parts of the Model 3 were still being made by hand in early September, adding to delays in production.

Musk said as well that Tesla would have to reschedule its unveiling of its electric semi-truck to November 16 due to focusing on correcting the issues with its production of the Model 3 and speed up the production of batteries to send to Puerto Rico.

The truck, called Tesla Semi, is having its unveiling delayed a second time in 2017. Musk initially had said the truck was going to be unveiled during September, but later pushed it back until October.

In August, it was reported that the semi-truck would have a range of between 200 and 300 miles on one charge.

On Friday, Musk also said Tesla would send more of its battery installers to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico so it could help in the restoration of power following Hurricane Maria that knocked power out on the entire island more than two weeks ago.

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