Ryanair Will Cancel Between 40 and 50 Flights Daily

In its attempt to improve flight punctuality for both departing and arriving flights, Ryanair announced that it would be cancelling between 40 and 50 flights daily during the next six weeks.

The Irish-based budget air carrier announced its plan Friday by saying it was no acceptable that the punctuality of its flights had dropped below the 80% threshold during the first half of September.

The airline also said it needed to clear off a backlog of leave by employees before the end of 2017. This move might affect as many as 285,000 of its passengers who are going to be offered an alternative flight or a complete refund.

Ryanair announced that fewer than 2% of all its flights would have to be cancelled and this move would help it to reach its annual target for punctuality of 90%.

However, passengers were making complaints with the airline over the short notice it gave related to the flight cancellations.

One passenger said he was scheduled to fly to Bratislava from Leeds Friday morning, but Thursday night was sent a text message by Ryanair that said his flight was cancelled.

The only flight alternative offered by Ryanair was a Monday flight, which was the date he was originally scheduled to return back to Leeds.

However, customers have rights under legislation called European Passenger Rights if they opt to use them.

A travel analyst said the rule states that if an airline does not offer a suitable flight as an alternative the passenger must be booked on one of the airline’s rivals.

The analyst added that passengers should be able to also claim compensation for the airline’s cancellation.

He said the strange thing related to customer care, was to say you are trying to improve the airline’s operation through keeping more planes grounded.

Ryanair advised its customers that flights would be operating regularly unless the passenger receives notification by email of a cancellation

Through cancelling fewer than 2% of the flights during the upcoming six months, or until the winter schedule begins, we will succeed in improving the resilience of operations for scheduling and restore the annualized target goal of punctuality of 90%, said a Ryanair spokesperson.


Compensation rules in the European Union for flights that are cancelled include; assistance as well as compensation if the disruption had been within the control of the airline; airlines must offer passenger full refunds within seven days or rebooking’s for flights that are cancelled at the last minute. 

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