Prior to iPhone Launch, Samsung Says 2018 is Foldable Phone Launch

Apple is set to attract the attention of the smartphone world later today when it will unveil its new iPhone lineup, including its new top of the line high-end handset known as iPhone X, that is expected to have close to a bezel-less display, a 3-D face unlock features, as well as a price tag of $1,000.

The new Apple handset is also expected to have several new camera as well as feature tweaks with many rumors been leaked on the run up to the launch date.

With all the changes, the bottom line for the iPhone remains the same a shiny expensive handset.

That is why its biggest rival Samsung decided to steal a bit of the attention away from Apple a day prior to the iPhone launch and announce that it has a date for the release of its foldable screen, which could encourage consumers that might be  thinking about spending large sums of money for the new iPhone to think again.

The mobile business president at Samsung Koh Dong-jin said the electronics giant has set its sights on next year as the release date for its foldable display smartphone.

He told a host of reporters that 2018 was the goal and after a few problems have been overcome, the product will be launched.

He spoke during a press event held in South Korea that announced the phablet Galaxy Note 8 to domestic media.

The foldable phone of the future will be in the Galaxy Note lineup of Samsung products according to the comments he made during the event.

Samsung has teased with the fact it has been working on a foldable handset for a number of years, showing its investors a number of foldable prototypes dating back to 2013, and teasing with its ideas during the 2013 CES.

While Samsung has happily mentioned suggestions about the folding phone over time, the date of a possible commercial release was never given. Instead, the possibility of a release year was always mentioned then those were pushed back further, due to apparent manufacturing complications.

Therefore, Samsung’s most recent claim of 2018 may finally come to fruition for the launch of the folding phone, but no one will be wagering large sums of money on that happening.

It seems as if the announcement might just be Samsung’s way of taking away some of the attention from the long anticipated Apple launch of the iPhone X and its siblings.

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