Over 500 Fast Chargers To Be Installed By Porsche In The United States

Porsche North America has indicated that it will deploy a minimum of 500 fast chargers at highway locations and U.S. dealerships before the end of next year. The sports car firm also intends to install an additional 20 at dealerships located in Canada though a timeline was not given. According to the chief executive officer of Porsche North America, Klaus Zellmer, the 800-volt chargers will be instrumental in alleviating range anxiety which potential buyers may harbor.

Porsche intends to launch a production car that is based on its Mission E electric car before the end of next year in the United States. In Canada the electric vehicle is expected to be unveiled in early 2020. Porsche also plans to release a second electric vehicle which will be based on the Cross Turismo concept in 2020. Additionally Porsche is also considering electric variants of its established models including Cayenne, Panamera and Macan.

Range anxiety

Per Zellmer between 80% and 90% of the owners of electric cars charge them either at work or at home. However a fast-charging network spread around the country is necessary in order to assist drivers in the event that they exceed the range of their cars.

The fast chargers will able to replenish around 80% of a battery’s capacity in under 20 minutes. However the chargers will not be free and users will have to bear the cost. Zellmer indicated that details are still being worked on.

“It’s too early to talk about how exactly that payment process for customers will work. There are various opportunities. You could buy a package all included for the car. It could be a membership card that you use,” said Zellmer.

Free fast chargers

Per Zellmer dealerships in the United States would have the liberty to provide free fast charging if they so wanted. This is because some of them might view it as an opportunity to interest owners of Porsche cars in dealership offerings.

To ensure a smooth rollout of the fast chargers Porsche will notify all the dealerships in the United States numbering 189 in June about the infrastructure investment that will be recommended for every location. All the dealerships have had an evaluation conducted in the past six months with a view to determining their needs. According to Zellmer the installation of the fast chargers should be completed before next year’s second half. At each location a minimum of one fast charger will need to be installed as well as a battery buffer for storing electricity.

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