One Million Vehicles Recalled by BMW Due to Fire Risk

Two recalls have been issued by BMW of North America for approximately one million vehicles that have parts implicated in vehicle fires.

These recalls cover six years of car production and include several models of the Germany-based luxury vehicles. However, one recall involves the valve heater that could cause fires in vehicles not being operated, which is reminiscent of some mystery fires.

An investigation found over 40 cases spread out over the past five years in which owners of BMWs said that their parked vehicles burst into flames spontaneously. Some of the vehicles, said the owners, were turned off hours or days prior to the fire.

Using the recall database of the NHTSA, it was found that 12 of the vehicles that were identified in the investigation by ABC News were subject to at least one or both of the latest recalls.

Officials from the NHTSA did not respond to requests made for comments related to the recall. In May, the agency encouraged owners of vehicles to report car fires.

One of the recalls involves the positive crankcase ventilation value heater, and one involves the electrical and wiring connectors in a system that has control of the air flow from air conditioning and heating.

Some of the BMW models from the 3-series are in both car recalls, bringing the complete number affected to over 1 million.

Dealers are fixing the vehicles at no charge, and the corrections are expected to start December 18. Owners of BMWs can determine easily of their vehicle falls under one or both of the recalls through visiting the website of the NHTSA and using their vehicles VIN or Vehicle Identification Number to search for any open alerts.

One attorney based in New Jersey who in the past has sued BMW called these latest recalls a step by the carmaker in the right direction. However, he says the ongoing mystery of the fires in parked BMWs is not close to being solved.

The fires have been so bad that in certain cases, the cause of the fire was difficult to determine, while in others, the fire started at another place in the vehicle.

The lawyer added that he believes there needs to be a comprehensive study completed of what was causing the fires and that BMW should be working closer with the NHTSA.

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