Launching Grocery Brand With Everyday Essentials, which is owned by Walmart, is launching its own brand of groceries that focuses on millennial shoppers and will be called Uniquely J. The brand should launch within the next two or three months.

The goal for the brand is to attract the younger shopper as well as increased margins. Jet believes its new Uniquely J will not only attract younger shoppers by the nature of product selection including everyday essentials, but through product design and quality.

When asked what about the new brand made it millennial, a spokesperson for said that it was a bold, edgy design, along with the copy and ingredients of high quality.

The design is very different. For instance, a bag of coffee is known as “badass espresso” and appears it be a large tattoo.

A box of Ziploc-type bags has drawings all over it and slang from Internet such as “Nom Nom.”

The new products feature the “J” logo from inside a small area next to the name of the product and that is good since it is quite difficult to determine what the weirdly designed packages contain.

The product labeling of today might be quite boring, but when giving a quick glance at products it is easy to determine what you are looking at.

However, that could mean less when it comes to buying online where shoppers do not look up and down store shelves trying to find items, but instead enter keywords to find products and then add them to their shopping card.

Uniquely J is seemingly going to also target the values millennials are interested about such as product sourcing. Coffee for example has an “organic” label as well as “fair trade.”

At this point, not much has been released by about its new brand, expect for saying it is going to cover the essentials, such as olive oil, coffee, paper towels, laundry detergent and more. will not say how many products it will be selling or the number of overall categories the will be represented.

However, with the samples it has shown, it appears the focus is aimed at competing against other essentials delivery services of other retailers, such as Target’s Restock the next day delivery service or Prime Pantry from Amazon.

It is still not known how the products will be shipped from Uniquely J or who the company is partnering with for making the products or what savings they might be offering over items that are brand-name.

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