Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Jeep To Unveil A Subscription Service Soon

Jeep has disclosed that it will soon unveil a subscription-based car ownership program, a move that opens up the possibility for the various drivers to use a vehicle for a monthly fee. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is Jeep’s corporate parent and reports indicate it will be joining a number of automakers dedicated to transforming the auto ownership landscape.

Critical outlook at the service

Jeep is one of the latest automakers to commence experimentation with the wide range of the automotive subscription programs. It was a shot while ago that it pronounced the unveiling of the Jeep Wave program, which it intends to start piloting next year.

Wave happens to be a ‘blanket’ term for the two sections of the future initiatives of Jeep. A person well conversant with the matter has disclosed that the service will share a lot of similarities with the various programs launched by Volvo, Porsche, Lincoln, Hyundai, Cadillac and BMW.

One of the most distinguishing attributes about a subscription model lies in the way it handles cars more like technology thus allowing drivers swap into the latest models much more frequently. They could as well choose to borrow a special vehicle, for instance a pickup whenever need arises.

The attitude of the modern consumers and the constant updates of the technology

The modern consumers are unique considering the approaches they are embracing in the purchase of cars. New crop of buyers contrast to those in prior generations and that is on the basis of commitment to the length of time.

The vice president of marketing and strategic insights for Jumpstart Automotive Media, Libby Murad-Patel, disclosed that they kept updating their technology every year. He added that the company wasn’t anticipating any lifelong purchase.

Jumpstart Automotive Media has over the years focused on tracking and reporting car buying trends eventually providing important information to marketers and advertisers.

The focus of the Jeep’s program is to deliver vehicles in Good, Better, and Best tiers and that will most probably cover the various options for the “concierge services” as well as for the insurance coverage.

Most of the people expected Jeep to open up on the exact details regarding the actual costs of subscriptions. They anticipated an elaborate list of the vehicles to be offered, but matters did not turn out as per their expectations after the company declined to disclose that.

The borrowing program is part and parcel of the Jeep Wave. Reports indicate that the owner of a Wrangler could be in a position to borrow an Alfa Romeo Giulia and thus he would use it for his/her weeklong trips.

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