Facebook Makes Plans To Develop Chips To Filter And Analyze Live Video

Facebook is planning to come up with its own chips for filtering content. This is according to chief AI scientist Yann LeCunwho was addressing officials at the Viva Technology industry conference held in Paris. LeCun is no longer in support of the conventional methods since he believes they are quite demanding in terms of the energy they require as well as the compute power. It was in the previous month when reports came up that it was focusing in building its own semi processor.

The transition to the specialized chip 

At the moment, the social media giant is leaning more to the use of Intel CPUsfor most of its AI services and Kim Hazelwood who happens to be the company’s engineering manager said that while addressing attendees at Intel AI DevCon this week.

The transition to a specialized chip could be a major step forward for the company which in turn would be in a position to move faster in filter video content. Violations to the terms of service is has become a matter of great concern and that is more so considering that there are some people committing suicide in a live stream.

Benefits of employing computer vision

The social media guru is employing various forms of computer visionto eliminate a number of things, one of them being the removal of content by terrorist organizations such as ISIS. One of the top officials working with the company has admitted that there is nothing such as a perfect system. It is the reason sexual assault, murder and other heinous acts continue to be broadcast on the platform and stay live for over long periods before action can be taken.

It has time and again resulted in rather traumatic effects for the significant number of viewers. Asides from that, it continues to paint the company in negative light since it is seen as the sort that is unable to take good control of its services.

Machine learning is going to transform the company’s operations in a great way according to a person familiar with the matter. Hate speech, extremist propaganda and the problem of fake accounts might soon be done away with if everything goes as planned.



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