Comcast Business Invests $1.7 Million Towards Expanding Harrisburg’s Ethernet Network

Comcast Business has disclosed that it has made an investment of $1.7 million aimed at expanding its Harrisburg fiber-based network. This will expand the reach to over 600 businesses directly besides enhancing the accessibility of its services. The network capacity is expected to reach 100 Gbps and this will offer support for advanced services to both big enterprises as well as small and medium enterprises.

The fiber network of Comcast Business already offers services to a large number of the biggest companies in Harrisburg as well as hundreds of businesses and the new fiber cable will extend the service to hundreds of business in and around downtown Harrisburg.

Economic benefits

“This is an exciting development for the City of Harrisburg and will bring significant benefits to downtown businesses. The expansion of the fiber optic Ethernet network will make Harrisburg even more attractive to businesses and help fuel our economic renaissance,” the Mayor of Harrisburg, Eric Papenfuse, said.

According to the Comcast Business regional vice president, Toni Murphy, the company will continue to offer scalable solutions which are capable of meeting demand from businesses. As he reiterated the company’s commitment to the city Murphy was also in agreement with the Mayor that the investment in the fiber network would assist not just the city with regards to economic growth but the wider region as well.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Recently Comcast Business inked a contract running for five years with Pennsylvania to offer data networking products and services to boards, authorities, bureaus, councils, commissions and agencies in the state. A network of 100 Gbps has also been constructed by Comcast Business with the aim of linking the data center of Penn State University with Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

This comes in the wake of Comcast Business inking a deal with Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods with a view to offering network connectivity to the company’s employees as well as facilitating internal application development geared towards streamlining business processes. Prior to the deal with Comcast Business, Bob’s Red Mill was using T1 lines and this was not only expensive but also unreliable. Now Bob’s Red Mills will be using two Ethernet Private Lines of 50 Mbps which will connect the headquarters of the whole grains firm to other company facilities including its global distribution center.

Besides offering security and speed the Ethernet Private Lines will enable Bob’s Red Mills to have applications and workflows that are centrally located for use across the company regardless of location.


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