Combat Ship Construction Contracted Awarded To Lockheed Martin

Recently defense contractor Lockheed Martin clinched a foreign military deal worth approximately $481.2 million. The deal will see the defense contractor construct four MMSC – Multi-Mission Surface Combatant ships. Lockheed is expected to have completed the order by late 2024. The Washington, D.C.-based Naval Sea Systems Command awarded the contract. Some of the locations in which the work will be carried out include Germany, Moorestown in New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Walpole in Massachusetts.

The MMSC contract comes in the wake of a long-delayed deal between MBDA and Lockheed Martin now set to be completed before the end of this year. This was revealed by an executive vice president of Lockheed Martin.

Medium Extended Air Defense System

Lockheed alongside Leonardo of Italy and MBDA Deutschland had submitted to the government of Germany to build a Medium Extended Air Defense System two year ago on the understanding that the deal would have kicked off early last year. However that has now been delayed by close to two years.

In Germany the program is known as TLVS and it involves integrating the battle management system of Germany with the country’s IRIS-T interceptors. The German government is expected to release an RFP before this month ends. This is however just a formality as it’s only the defense contractor and the MBDA partner who will be submitting proposals.

Media day

During a media day held by Lockheed Martin earlier in the week the defense contractor showed off new war technology which it aims to sell to the United States military.

“Lockheed Martin has taken a leadership role in these four technology areas, and many others, to build an enterprise that can successfully support our customers’ rapidly evolving technology needs well into the future,” said the chief executive officer of Lockheed Martin, Marillyn Hewson.

New war tech

Some of the new war technologies that Lockheed is developing include high-speed reconnaissance aircrafts such as SR-72 which will march the speed of Mach 6. According to Hewson the SR-72 will give the U.S. military the ability to address threats quickly enough before enemies can react and thus giving the world’s superpower strategic and tactical advantages. The aircraft’s development is expected to cost approximately $1 billion.

Lockheed Martins is also developing laser weapons which are capable of destroying targets with unmatched precision at light’s speed. Since laser weapons are invisible to the eye they will be in a position to strike repeatedly. These laser weapons will be especially suited to low-cost, high-volume threats that include drones.

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