Coca-Cola Adopts A Plastic Recycling Goal As Environmental Concerns Grow

Beverage firm Coca-Cola has disclosed that it aims to recycle every can or bottle for every beverage that the company sells by 2030. In the recent past the soda maker as well as other companies making consumer products have come under increasing pressure from environmental advocates and their customers to quit the use of plastic packaging. Recently fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s also revealed its own recycling goals.

According to Coca-Cola the recycling goal will be achieved by working in conjunction with environmental groups and local governments. The beverage firm will also recycle cans and bottles from other companies as well.

“Consumers around the world care about our planet, and they want and expect companies to take action. That’s exactly what we’re going to do, and we invite others to join us on this critical journey,” said the chief executive officer of Coca-Cola, James Quincey.

Reduce plastic use

Not everyone was pleased with Coca-Cola’s move though. Greenpeace, an environmental group which has been critical of the beverage firm previously argued that Coca-Cola should have focused on reducing plastic use instead of recycling. Quincey however came to the defense of Coca-Cola’s recycling goals arguing that reusing and recycling plastics will reduce waste. Coca-Cola will also reduce the quantity of plastic that gets used in bottles.

One of the problems with plastic is that it is not bio-degradable and once discarded it breaks up into tiny bits and animals feed on this and eventually its ends up on the dinner table. Per a report which was released last summer tons of plastic numbering more than nine billion have been produced globally since 1950.

Cost of recycling

Coca-Cola has however not revealed how much the recycling goals that the company has set will cost. But according to the chief executive officer, the recycling initiative would perhaps even end up saving costs if it is able to recycle packaging materials.

The beverage maker and McDonald’s are not alone in setting recycling goals as the manufacturing sector shifts towards packaging that is environmentally friendly. Evian has for instance said it wants to ensure that by 2025 all bottles are made from plastic that is 100% recycled. To reach this goal the company is partnering with Loop Industries. Coca-Cola’s rival, Pepsi, has also indicated that by 2025 it will ensure all packaging materials are recyclable.

Reports released in 2017 indicated that by 2025 sustainable packaging will be an industry worth approximately $440 billion as consumers pile pressure on businesses and as firms adopt best practices.

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