CEO from Startup Charged with Child Sexual Abuse and Felony Assault

A promising tech CEO in San Francisco was arrested this week and charged with sexually abusing a child, felony assault as well as battery against emergency workers and police, while resisting arrest, showed police reports.

Twenty-nine year old Zain Jaffer allegedly sexually assaulted as well as attacked his three-year old son and also harmed his daughter, who is just one year old.

Jaffer is reported to have entered a plea of not-guilty.

The board of directors at Vungle, the mobile video-advertising company stripped Jaffer of authority while voting to place him on a period of indefinite leave.

The new CEO at the company Rick Tallman announced on October 20, that the company is aware of the serious allegations against the former CEO, and everyone is beyond words.

Tallman added that due to the allegations being so serious they led to the immediate removal of Jaffer even though unrelated to his former role with Vungle.

The allegations were learned of late Monday and a board meeting was convened the following day, removed him and appointed Tallman as the new and permanent CEO.

Tallman reiterated that Jaffer did not step down due to personal reasons, as erroneously reported, the company instead removed him as quickly as was possible.

The prepared statement from the new CEO continued by saying that the actions of only one individual in the company should not reflect on the other 200 or more people, who are hard at work. Everyone, at Vungle is appalled as well as saddened by the events, he continued.

Jaffer was arrested by police for suspicion of attempted murder. However, the District Attorney filed a felony assault charge rather than the attempted murder charge.

Police arrested the former tech CEO October 15.

Jaffer began Vungle six years ago and has four felonies that he was charged with – assault, two offense of sexual acts with a person less than 14 and child abuse, said media reports.

Jaffer was charged as well with misdemeanor battery of emergency personnel and a law enforcement officer, reported a local news channel. He is alleged to have spit on one of the officers who arrested him.

Vungle has approximately 200 employees and generated $300 million in annual revenues, showed data received from an unnamed source in the company.

An attorney representing Jaffer said his client entered a plea of not-guilty and it is reported that he will appear November 1 in court with bail being set at $300,000.

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