Boring Company Will Bid on Airport Link Project in Chicago

The Boring Company, owned by Elon Musk, is a project that has plans to use futuristic pods that operate underground to transport vehicles long distances without creating traffic congestion and is beginning to take shape.

Just coming of the raising of more than $300,000 from sales of hats – initial hat offering as well as receiving permission for new projects in Maryland, Musk confirmed the company would be bidding on a project that will link O’Hare Airport with downtown Chicago.

The idea is finding an alternative to Uber and taxi rides, which cost between $40 and $50.

Bob Rivkin the Deputy Mayor of Chicago said there was quite a bit of room between prices of CTA or parking to price a service in such a way to make large amounts of revenue.

Chicago is waiting on initial proposals for high-speed rail that would move its travelers from the airport to the city in under 20 minutes. The brief covers the building of either an above or below ground structure which would not appear to preclude Musk’s company at first glance, although over or under ground trains are conventional transportations links. Regardless, Musk will submit a bid from Boring Company.

Proposals must be submitted by January 23. Following that the top candidates will receive an RFP to move things ahead.

This isn’t the first time the SpaceX and Tesla founder answered local government’s call. Last March, Tesla was awarded a contract for the developing of the largest power bank in the world in the southern region of Australia, as part of that country’s efforts to modernize its power grid and to ensure the more consistent delivery of electricity to the area’s households.

The battery plant reached its goal of being completed with the 100-day target set by Musk, as he promised it would be given free if not, and will go live starting December 1.

The Chicago project by the Boring Company is one more ambitious effort but Musk’s dream while in traffic in 2016 will come to life sooner than later. The first will be a new tunnel near the California headquarters of Space X in Hawthorne.

Musk is using his sales power to branch out into several different industries from space travel to electric cars and tunnel pod transportation to huge battery plants.

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