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Venus Williams determined to have entered intersection legally in crash

09 July 2017

Surveillance video obtained by Palm Beach Gardens police in Florida shows Ms Williams' vehicle entering an intersection on a green traffic signal.

Williams then continued straight through the intersection "in accordance" with the law, the statement said.

Police said that as Williams was making her way through the intersection, another auto made a left turn in front of her vehicle, a Toyota Sequoia SUV, causing her to stop to avoid a collision.

Linda Barson, then 67, was driving west on Northlake Boulevard and told police she had a green light and drove through it when Williams cut in front of her in the intersection.

"There is nothing that disputes Ms. Williams was in the intersection on a red light, and the witnesses clearly confirm the Barsons had a green light and lawfully entered the intersection", the statement continued.

Mr Barson was hospitalized and died two weeks later, on June 22, due to injuries sustained in the crash. She claimed that she entered on a green light but was unable to continue through the intersection because of stopped traffic in front of her. Williams' lawyer said the crash was an accident, the BBC reports.

But police spokesman Major Paul Rogers said today the video has caused investigators to rescind their original conclusion, with no blame yet determined.

Here's the Palm Beach Gardens PD's statement, via Deadspin.

However, fresh evidence cleared Williams, although the investigation is ongoing. Another vehicle turning left from the opposite direction cuts in front of her.

On Friday, police released surveillance footage of a fatal vehicle crash involving tennis player Venus Williams.

"I'm completely speechless", she said.

On Friday, a judge granted an emergency motion that will allow Williams' SUV to be searched in connection with the crash.

But the tennis pro, who broke down crying in a press conference while talking about the crash on Monday, has now been vindicated by the footage.

An auto negligence lawsuit was filed by the estate of Jerome Barson seeking monetary damages and a trial.

Venus Williams celebrates her third-round win against Japan's Naomi Osaka at Wimbledon.

"She was correctly entering and exiting that intersection, that's what it's going to show", said Malcolm Cunningham, William's attorney. "And it's just...yeah, I mean, I'm just...", the athlete responded, shaking her head and fighting back tears.

Venus Williams determined to have entered intersection legally in crash