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Drug Free America calls John Morgan lawsuit 'disappointing'

07 July 2017

Morgan, outspoken as ever, was not hesitant to voice his opposition to the bill that yet again did not include the smoking of marijuana in its legislative language.

Submitted by Morgan's lead attorney, Jon Mills, the lawsuits primary argument is that "Inhalation is a medically effective and efficient way to deliver tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other cannabinoids, to the bloodstream".

Morgan told WESH 2 News in June he would sue the state if it did not permit cannabis in smokable form.

Morgan says the amendment does prohibit "public" smoking by patients, so that assumes that "private" smoking of pot is allowed. Morgan sent out a tweet saying he was filing a suit on behalf of "citizens and patients" in the state.

The lawsuit asserts that by tweaking the definition of "medical use", a constitutionally defined term, Florida's legislature substituted its medical judgment for that of "a licensed Florida physician", conflicting with Florida's Constitution.

Passed a year ago by a stunning vote, Florida's Amendment 2 received 71% approval. "I don't think you have to be too much of a scholar to understand that that means it is allowed in private", Mr. Morgan told the Miami Herald.

"The amendment said smoking was not allowed in public places".

One reporter questioned his reported interest in investing in a medical marijuana dispensary, asking about criticisms that he's just trying to "cash in".

Personal injury lawyer John Morgan is taking the state to court over its newly adopted marijuana law.

If the court rules in Mr. Morgan's favor, it could invalidate the current law and force the Florida Department of Health to rewrite the state's medical marijuana law, the Herald reported.

"Whether you're a Bernie Sanders voter or a Donald Trump voter, what people were really mad about was that people get up every day, they do all the right things, they work their asses off and they come home and they're worse off than when they left the door".

Morgan, who has recently been seen discussing marijuana issues with the political strategist Roger Stone, brushes off the rumors that his interest in Florida's medical marijuana legislation is exclusively a political stump for a future run at governor.

Assuming he runs as a Democrat, he'd face former Tallahassee Congresswoman Gwen Graham, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, and Orlando businessman Chris King.

"If they piss me off too much, I'll address the smoking issue by having a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana", he said.

"If Ray Rodrigues is so concerned about smoking, why doesn't he tax cigarettes $5 a pack?"

Drug Free America calls John Morgan lawsuit 'disappointing'